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Terms & Conditions

When you visit our website and buy our products/services you are liable to all these terms and conditions given on the Logo Vortex website. Any denial from agreement to the terms can result in order cancellation and the Logo Vortex won’t be subjected to any refund.


The Logo Vortex reserves the right to change terms and conditions anytime without any prior notice and your usage of our website includes in agreement to all these terms and conditions. We recommend strongly to our visitors to regularly check this document to learn about any modifications. The logo Vortex will not be responsible in case of any mishaps in any such cases.

Constraints Of Liability

The Logo Vortex is not to be held responsible in any conditions for indirect, consequential or unique damages that include any business, profit, revenue and data loss linked to your use of our website. We will not be responsible for any sudden death or injury. If the customer is not satisfied with our products/services he/she has the full authority to leave it during the revision and feedback session, later on the logo vortex will not be answerable to any such claims. We strongly try to make sure our website is virus-free, but we don’t promise the absence of all malware and viruses and we don’t provide any assurances on email attachments that you may have got from third parties. Before accessing them, recipients are encouraged to check their emails, attachments and other files.


We are not responsible for any missing document; you are advised to keep a copy of your work in its original form.


Charged Online rates are only appraising that are required to change without prior notice.


Payment must be made in advance in full. To our loyal users, we may be able to set up monthly / weekly / quarterly payment plans.


You are allowed to cancel your job once we begin to work on it. If you want to interrupt the research once we’ve started working on it, you’d be billed for the work you’ve done so far. You will also get the half-finished work after termination.


We have the right to terminate any contract without any prior notice.


We have the right to terminate any contract without any prior notice.

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